Mobile Multi-Workplace Wireless Aligner – TW3D-909

All new 3 cameras 899 M Mobile Integrated Design

Features :

★ Intelligent Fast Alignment System

  • New user experience, all data in one page
  • Insensitive to ambient light, less environment requirement
  • Practical chassis measurement, even suitable for accident cars

★  Slim Mini Target  Board 

  • Shock resistant structure, swapping target board requires no calibration
  • Target board protection cover may be exchanged by wishes
  • No need to specify target boards for left/ right and front/ rear, alignment becomes easier

★ 11~24 inches Wonder all new 3-claws clamp

  • Adjustable to fit all sizes, compliant with modified cars
  • All new patented 3-claw clamp, easy load / unload with no damage to wheels

★ All New Industrial Grade Camera 

  • All new high sensitivity 3cm industrial grade, wide angle reading is possible

★ Indication Boards On Two Poles

  • Intelligent indication board to increase productivity

★ All New 3-Cameras 909 Drive Through / Pit Type

  • All new Wonder 3-cameras aligner, high precision measurement, no calibration is required
  • Separated poles design, suitable for drive through bay configuration, productivity is increased
  • Customization for drive through type/ pit type layout. Height can be flexibly adjusted to fit all workshops


Movable Cabinet 1
Clamper 4
Steering Wheel Fixture 1
Brake Paddle Fixture1
Keyboard 1
Target Board4
Power 110V / 50Hz /single phase
Display Accuracy0.01″ / 1″
Measure Accuracy0.02″ / 2″
Total Toe± 20″
Individual Toe± 10″
Camber± 10″
Caster± 20″
SAI± 20″