Tyre Changer WT-758

Technology and Key Part from Taiwan

Features :

★ Semi-automatic tire changer tilt backward and forward of the column and the lock of the column can be completed pneumatically

★ Turntable protective covers as standard protect the rim to avoid scratch

★ Ruler on the covers can help to clamp the rim conveniently

★ The standard correspond of wearable washers as Europe standard to protect personal safety when mounting the tire 

★ The control pedal assembly has the step-move function which can stop the clamp at any position conveniently

★ Hexangular shaft with 41mm diameter is suitable for operation the flat and hard tire

★ Bead breaker cylinder power 25000kg to break the tire from rim easily

★ Protective cover for clamps and mounting head as standard configuration to avoid damage the rim

★ The clamp cylinder with Ø 80 diameter as standard increases the power to 106kg


Max Wheel Daimeter1120 mm
Rim Width3″ – 12″
Outside Clamp11″ – 22″
Inside Clamp13″ – 24″
Rotation Speed 6.5 rpm
Power Supply240 v / 415 v
Motor Power0.75 – 1.1 kw
Net Weight240 kg