Mobile Multi-Workplace Wireless Aligner – WONDER 5D-999A

Electric Control Aligner

Features :

★ New 5 Cameras 999 Drive Through Type Series

  • All new high quality aluminum post
  • All new Wonder 5 cameras aligner, high precision measurement, no calibration is required
  • Separated poles design, suitable for drive through bay configuration, productivity is increased
  • Compatible with 2 poles, 4 poles and scissor type lifts
  • Adjustment with car lifted. High precision is achieved no matter the lift height

★ All New Industrial Grade Camera

  • High sensitivity 3cm industrial grade, wide angle reading is possible
  • Wide angle measurement, no need of camera to track target board. Easy alignment with friendly space requirement

★ Indication Boards On Two Poles

  • Intelligent indication board to increase productivity. Target board indicator, Caster indicator, Push car indicator


Movable Cabinet 1
Clamper 4
Brake Paddle Fixturer1
Steering Wheel Fixture 1
Keyboard 1
Printer 1
Turn Table2

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