Wheel Balance WB-88

Technology and Key Part from Taiwan

Features :

★ The balancer has independent intellectual property rights completely 

★ The product contains DYN/STA and kinds of ALU modes and MOT balance mode

★ Allowing users intuitively edit the most suitable operation habit setting base on the requirement which can greatly improve the work efficiency

★ Protective cover control function, the definition of the system of units, the minimum amount of unbalance choice

★ Have a variety of creative tire data input modes, convenient and quick using tire rotation, and realize the data increase and decrease 

★ Self-calibration is simple and easy to operate

★ Machine can be quickly restore


Max Wheel Weight 70 kg
Max Tire Diameter1000 mm
Rim Diameter10″ – 24″
Rim Width15″ – 20″
Net Weight125 kg
Balance Precision± 1g
Rotating Speed 200 rpm
Power Supply240 v
Motor Power 250 v