Truck Wheel Balancer – WB-100

Technology and Key Part from Taiwan

Features :

★ Independent intellectual property rights completely

★ Bigger nixie tube displays the data; it’s convenient to watch by user 

★ Flexible mode changing from car to truck use

★ 3 kinds of ALU mode and STA mode  

★ Pedal brake to make sure the position & weight being accurate 

★ Shift between the inch and mm, gram and ounce 

★ Tire lifter can save time & labor during installation


Max Wheel Weight 200 kg
Max Tire Diameter 1200 mm
Rim Diameter10″ – 24″
Rim Width 15″ – 20″
Net Width 200 kg
Balance Precision± 1g / ± 10g
Rotating Speed 100 rpm / 200 rpm
Power Supply240 v
Motor Power250 v