Mobile Multi-Workplace Wireless Aligner – Luxury Pole Aligner

All new 3 cameras 899 M Mobile Integrated Design

Features :

★ Adjustable beam length which allowed to measure small / electric cars is compatible with various car models

★ Wonder original unit design. Replace instead of repair. Faster after-sales services

★ Flexible use of place. One (aligner) to many (Lifts). Easy alignment with friendly space requirement 

★ High precision measurement, no calibration is required

★ Special function: No-push – Midair adjustment instead of pushing car

Wonder International, one of the leading automotive servicing equipment manufacturers in Malaysia, has added two brand new wheel aligners – the 3-camera 3D TW-399A Luxury Pole Aligner and 3-camera 3D TW-899M Mobile Multi-workplace Wireless Aligner – to its product range.

The company claims that the 3-camera 3D TW-399A Luxury Pole Aligner is a winner over the 2-camera product as it does away with the requirement of vehicle levelling and eliminates the limitation of measurement range. Featuring the company’s original unit design and adjustable beam length, the new aligner is compatible with various car models and includes the ability to measure small/electric car.

Likewise, the Wonder 3-camera 3D TW-899M Mobile Multi-workplace Wireless Aligner features an original unit design and requires no vehicle levelling. Suitable for various car models including small/electric cars, the 3-camera 3D TW-899M is said to be a truly mobile wheel aligner that could be fully mobile around the workshop, allowing maximum flexibility and convenience in use. The aligner could be used in more than one bay. With the latest technology, the company claims that this new aligner offers all that is needed to make a fast and accurate wheel alignment job, and no calibration is required, at a good price. The targets are thin, light weight and capable of withstanding dropping. In addition, it uses jacking compensation instead of rolling compensation, thus requiring no rolling or pushing of the vehicle for compensation.

The company prides itself for prompt and efficient after-sales services. For the camera, the company would replace it under warranty at no charge instead of repairing it.


Movable Cabinet 1
Clamper 4
Brake Paddle Fixturer1
Steering Wheel Fixture 1
Keyboard 1
Printer 1
Turn Table2

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