Power Source 220V 50-60Hz 1Ph
Motor Power 50W
Power Requirement 100 Watt
Balancing Speed 98 RPM
Rim Diameter 8″ (200 mm) – 26″ (650 mm)
Rim Diameter (alu-s) 8″ – 23″
Wheel Diameter (max) with wheel-guard 34″ (850 mm)
Rim Width (max) with wheel-guard 16″ (415 mm)
Wheel Weight (max) 90 Kg (198 Lbs)
Measuring Time 4  – 15 s.
Resolution 1 gr.
Angular Accuracy 256 positions (accuracy = 1,4 deg)
Display LED
Shaft Diameter 38 mm
Noise < 70 dB (A)

B331 Eclipse. The perfect combination on a digital balancer.
A beatiful design, precision and robust mechanics, ultramodern electronics are the key points of B331,  the perfect combination between price and performances on a digital wheel balancer with all that it takes for perfect wheel balancing.

User friendly technology. Ready for the future !
Based on an modern 16-bit microprocessor, accuracy, speed and special functions (SPLIT, ALU-SE, MARS, AFC, OPT, DUAL-OP, ASF) are all available (see table for availability on selected models).

The 3D control panel allows to work intuitively since the beginning. Few push-buttons let you choose all functions most easily.

Flash memory technology allows to upgrade software in seconds, by just connecting the balancer to a PC. This feature lets you take advantage of our continuous technical developments and make sure your product is never outdated!

Designed with style
An elegant and ergonomic base with 9 weights compartments, one compartment for tools (pliers, etc.). Weight tray also offers place for 3 standard cones and 6 centering bushings. Flanges can be placed laterally on the wheel balancer: six flange holders are provided.

Its innovative body with shaped weight tray frees the most area near to the wheel, and the new easy-alu basement improves access to inside of the rim to ease  application of the adhesive weights.

The wheelguard, thanks to a special design, minimize opening effort and grants the smallest space occupation.

Precision mechanics.
The heart of the balancer is built around the VQI 3-sensor system, a FASEP exclusive design, and with IFS system (integrated-flange shaft) for maximum centering accuracy.

It also comes with the new shaft 2003, allowing larger tires and rims and designed to work easily on wheels where adhesive weights are required, with a larger access to the inside of the rim, more then any other competitor.

Built to last (as strong as it looks!).
Every detail is designed and tested to grant long time of good working quality.
The Heavy Duty shaft allows 90kg of maximum weight on the shaft, a record unsurpassed. No competitor’s product can match it.
Bigger and tougher than any other competitor’s product !

Automatic input system as an option
The machine can also be equipped with Automatic Distance/Diameter Input (option A) and Automatic Width Input (option D).

When Automatic Distance/Diameter is equipped, ALU-SE function (automatic input of wheel data and adhesive weight application system) is available to improve productivity when balancing wheel with stick-on weights.
Balance wheels perfectly with stick-on weights at first spin!

Standard Accessories (Please Click to view)

Optional Accessories (Please click to view)